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NICE guidelines on Depression

Interesting to see that NICE, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, has fully endorsed counselling as an effective treatment for depression in its revised draft guideline, published for consultation in July. And about time too! Having worked with various people over the years who find themselves in this oppressive condition - I've often been struck just how much counselling can really help getting them back on their feet and a put a spring back in their step. A marked contrast to how they appeared at their first session. I heard only this morning on the radio a leading sportsman talk of his battle with depression and how he managed to tackle it by talking about it. Good for him - I just hope plenty of other men and women who might be similarly affected were listening.

Unblocking the system

There's recently been a fascinating article in the press about a massive 'fatberg' clogging up the sewer system in east London. (Be advised -not to be read over breakfast). Had it not been discovered and dealt with - it threatened to cause chaos in the streets of London by discharging live sewage onto the pavements.
According to news reports, the main cause is people putting too much material into the disposal system that it was never designed to handle e.g. nappies, sanitary towels, cooking oil. Apparently this had been building up for many years – without anyone being aware of the scale of the problem. The situation was becoming critical. However the good news is that Thames Water engineers reckon they can unblock the mess and ultimately convert it into useful bio-diesel, much to the relief of all concerned.
The thought occurred to me that there might be something of a parallel here with what happens in therapy. People often come in ‘clogged up’ often due some unhealthy habits or negative experiences which they can no longer tolerate or perhaps weren’t even aware of. They may feel like they can’t move forward or their lives seem to be very stuck. By providing a safe confidential space and working empathetically with clients, therapy can help in unblocking the system and freeing people to find new habits and new perceptions. Often, irrespective of 'the mess' that people might experience in themselves, there is something useful or valuable to emerge from process.

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